Forest Management Plans: A forest management plan identifies the subject property and provides management recommendations based on landowner objectives. It provides a snapshot of prescribed activities necessary to achieve the landowner's objectives.

Timber Sale Management: The proper layout and timing of timber sales are most important to landowners. A landowner can commit 30 years or longer to grow timber. Marketing this timber at market highs while weighing out tax consequences are very important to most landowners. Like any business, knowing your business and the customers/clients involved is most advantageous!

Silvicultural Services: These services include, but are not limited to, the supervision and orchestration of site preparation activities, reforestation, timber stand improvement, fertilzation, and prescribed burning.

Forest Engineering: This service includes logging plans, road layout, and construction/maintenance.

Wildlife Management: Forest management and wildlife management can complement each other with proper planning and scheduling. Often, the primary landowner objective is wildlife management and the production of forest products is a secondary concern. Wildlife management includes, but is not limited to, the establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings, prescribed burning, proper timber sale layout, fertilization, and more.

Investment Analysis: Like any investment, timberland requires knowledge of current and projected costs and revenues. Income streams can be developed to provide a snapshot of the investment based on a certain set of assumptions. Risks, reflected by capitalization rates, must be measured and incorporated into the analysis. Growth and yield models which predict future timber growth are used to facilitate such analysis.

Popular Listings

Lot #1 - Jackson, Aiken, SC
Lot #1 - Jackson, Aiken, SC Aiken, South Carolina

Lot- 1 - Green Pond Road - Jackson - Aiken County - SC $46.380.00 Price $6,000.00 per acre - lot fronting Green Pond. Currently growing 10 year old pine. Easily converted into pasture land for horses (...)

Fairwood Tract - Block F
Fairwood Tract - Block F Union, South Carolina

41 acres includes 15 lots and 5 small tracts located with the Fairwood Residential Development. Price $3,000.00/acre - $123,000.00 (Disclaimer: All property sale information contained herein is (...)

Lot #2 - Jackson, Aiken, SC
Lot #2 - Jackson, Aiken, SC Aiken, South Carolina

Lot - 2 - Green Pond Road - Jackson - Aiken County $56,040 Price: $6,000.00 per acre - lot fronting Green Pond Road located adjacent to a pasture. Currently growing 10 year old pine. Easily converted (...)

Hollar Tract - Union County
Hollar Tract - Union County Union, South Carolina

Hollar Tract This tract is a rare find. It is heavily stocked with pine (56% of total area) and hardwood timber (42% of total area). Most of the pine was planted in +/-1985 and first thinned (...)